The Ultimate College Survival Guide

College life is so much different to high school life so if you’re expecting something similar, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. Surviving college is less about the bullies and more about the deadly assignments and all the self-studying. College is also fun and exciting unlike high school and you are likely to have some of your best memories of life in college. However, even though you will be free of bullies and rumor mill, you will have other problems at your hands like tuition fees and money to pay for lunch or the struggle to finish your assignment before the deadline. If you’re somebody who is soon heading in to college, the information that we have listed below will definitely help you survive in a place without the comfort of your mothers embrace, your father’s hugs and the smell of your furry friend.

Eat Healthy

The freshman fifteen and it happens to almost every freshman so beat the odds and avoid gaining weight by practicing clean eating habits and working out regularly in between studying and attending classes. When you’re in college, the most accessible foods are junk foods so it is always very easy to go for then junk food options but try to use the kitchen in your floor and prepare your meals in advance and meal prep so that you won’t have to eat something unhealthy after a long day of studying or classes.

Do A Job

If you’re on a full ride to college, you don’t have worry about tuition fees and bothering your parents too much but if you’re not and you’re paying the same amounts as your colleagues, be sure to find a part time job for yourself if you wish to not get chased down by commercial debt collection agency in the future for not paying off your debt. The professional collection services these companies have hired will definitely never stop bothering you if you fail to do your payments therefore get your debt sorted out by doing part time jobs and earning to help save your parents from accumulating debt. Most part time jobs work on a hourly pay basis so you’re likely to earn more depending on the amount of hours you work.

Extra Reading

One study tip that will definitely help you do well in your classes is extra reading so whenever you have free time on your hands, head out to the library and do some extra reading that is relevant to the classes that you are taking as it will help you know more information about the subjects and topics.