Installation Of Split Air Conditioners:

Split air conditioner is widely used air conditioner all over world because its energy efficient then window or vintage air conditioners. There are few things that must be accounted for before installing the air conditioners such as the wall on which you are planning to fix the unit air conditioner must have the strength or strong enough to hold the weight of unit otherwise it might turn into an incident. Inner split unit requires a minimum distance of 15 to 20cm between the wall and the unit to perform efficiently. Room should be specious or must have the height of 10 to 11 feet because split unit requires minimum height of 7 to 8 feet for installation or to control the temperature of the room. Furthermore, bracket of the indoor unit should be fixed in tilted angel so, the condense water coming from the air conditioning Frankston could not be entered in the room or effect the wall or paint of the wall. Placement of outdoor unit is highly important for the performance of the air conditioner. We always recommend people to place the outdoor unit in the shadow where sun light or water could not be reached directly that also increases the durability of the air conditioners and outdoor unit has to be placed on the plain surface as it contains condenser, compressor, coils and motor that might be affected if it has placed on the steeper surface. Distance between the indoor and outdoor unit should not be longer than 12 to 15 meters because this factor also increases the performance of the air conditioner because coolant has to move through the cooper wires from outdoor unit to indoor unit so, they should be closer to instantly deliver the cool air coming from the outdoor unit.

Advantages of installing the air conditioner in right manner:

The core benefit of installing the air conditioner in right manner is that it can perform in an efficient or effective way. Keeping in view the all instructions while installing the air conditioner will save you from the major troubles and break down of air conditioners. Moreover, right installation can save huge amount of money and effort that might be occurred due to wrong installation. Right installation can make it more electricity efficient as it does not need to put more effort to run the air conditioner that require more electricity. Right installation can save both walls from getting damaged through the condense water that is produced by the drain pipe