Tips Increase Student’s Productivity

If you are a student or a parent of a student, then you are almost always worried about your time management skills and being productive. It is true that you need some help with studying and related skills when you are younger because humans are not programmed to sit and study for long hours. However as we grow up, we are under the prejudicial notion that serious studies of subjects is a boring task therefore we tend to seek out other means to please our deprived senses. This usually includes partying or reading fiction and so on. Here are few tips to increase your productivity while learning.

Be present and reduce distractions

This is something everyone keeps telling people but this just feels like a thing you say rather than something that people need to follow to be productive. However research has established that people are more likely to be more productive when there are fewer distractions around them. This does not imply that you cover your study room with acoustic foam from Acoustic Answers and use sensory deprivation to help you.

But it would be wise to think of some mechanism to ensure noise reduction in your study room or in the place you study. The application of noise control is a chief factor influencing productivity. It is also preferred that students be present in a well-lit room rather than a dimly lit one. This is mainly because gloomy rooms will make people feel lazy and sleepy whereby they are unproductive.

3 steps to ensure that you are productive

People often tell you methods and means to be productive. But no one ever tells you how to be successfully productive. This can be done easily by following the three steps. You need to plan, visualise and then act. Most people plan well and even try to act but they never visualise whereby they end up not being as productive as they are expected. Therefore, you need to plan ahead and decide on your course of action. You need to make sure that your plan is executable. Most people are discouraged because they plan extensively but they are unlikely to be executed. After planning you need to take a moment or two to visualise and think of being victorious or successful in your plan. After this, you need to act on your plan.In addition to the above mentioned, there are several other things or factors that will help you to make yourself productive. Most people believe that if you desire to be productive, you need to make sure to be involved and complete the task in one stretch. But, if you were to take short breaks in the way to complete a task you are likely to be successful and you will not be exhausted on completion of it.