Ways To Improve Your Home Security

Modern security systems are more advanced and versatile than ever. They include digital security cameras, remote control gates and locks and also features that enable you to control the system through an app on your phone. Even though the technology has increased, there could still be incidences where the burglars could easily hack into the system and disable it. Nowadays, theft and burglary are most common threats to a houseso here are some ways to improve your home security.

Don’t keep valuables in plain sight

Keep all your valuables stored safely in inside rooms so that any burglar who peeps through the tinted glass Melbourne would not see them and by default assume you don’t have many valuable items that are worth stealing. Keep the curtains and blinds closed if you have clear windows.  Many people make the mistake of leaving the boxes of the new and expensive items on the street. This is a good indicator that you just brought something that is worth stealing and hence you will surely be the next target.

Don’t let them know you are gon

If it is noticeable that you are not home for a long period of time, your home will easily be paid attention to by the burglars. They might notice that the newspapers or the mail haven’t been collected for days. Hence, inform a close friend or your neighbor to collect them. Make sure you leave a few lamps on, the TV and the stereo at an audible level so that it indicates that the house is not empty. Give an impression that you have dogs even though you don’t; leave a few dog bowls on the front porch. You can even hire a house sitter for longer trips. Ensure he is a trusted person and ask him to either live in your house full-time while you are away or come visit daily for at least an hour or two.

Keep your second-floor safe

We often are too focused on the doors and windows in the first floor that we completely forget about the second. Your first floor doors and windows may have alarms but the second-floor window graphics might not. Ensure the security system, covers the entire house, not just one floor. Windows are the most fragile point in a house so ensure your windows can be properly closed and locked.

Do not leave a spare key

Most people leave spare keys in the most obvious places such as under the rug or flower pot, on a porch light etc. These are very easy places to look into and hence burglars will easily get in.